Metal Legions Podcast Episode 83


Includes an hour of Metal from Africa, plus an hour of the regular show

Weekly podcast dedicated to underground and extreme metal

Part 1: Regular Show
Idolatry – Sentient Burning Unto Ecclesiastic Tombs
Burial In The Sky – Dimensions Divide
Devangelic – Abominated Impurity Of The Oppressed
Napalm Ted – Burnt Arm
Scowl – Freebase Space Case
Axis of Despair – En Vansinnesdans
False Reality – Requiem Into Darkness
Macaria – A Strings Dramedy
Lawfucker – Punk Hipster Destroy (PHD)
Temple of Abraxas – Temples of Chnuphis
Heaven Abhorred – I Am I
Ignis Gehenna – Serpent Oracle
Warfist – Written with Blood
Eufobia – Scarecrow
Eneferens – Winter Heart

Part 2: African Metal (starts at: 64.13)
Myrath – Tales of the Sands
Divine – Lies
Bovem – Cryptic Desolation of Chaos
Overthrust – Slay the Spectator
Brood Of Hatred – The Mind That Emerged
Katingation – Back To The Crica
Thorvald – The Fall of Odin
Strident – A Pirate’s Life For Me
Skinflint – The Pits of Wydah
Wargrave – Mutual Enemy
Die Dood – Doodwaarts
Qaf – ق – Demaa’AlHagen

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