EAΛΩ (EALO) – In the Fire, Thou Shalt Rise


EAΛΩ (EALO) – In the Fire, Thou Shalt Rise (Self release)

I have a feeling I’m going to be a bit harsher than necessary here… but sometimes, you need to tell it how it is, with no sugar coating whatsoever.

Ok, EALO (terrible band name, but yeah, it looks cool in the Greek alphabet) are from Kansas and they formed in 2008 and this is their debut EP, after a couple of demos. And this EP is ok, but it could have been so much better, if only the band had played to their strengths. And it beggars belief that they haven’t quite nailed their sound in 8 bloody years.

I did say I was going to be harsher than necessary, but mainly as the band are so close to nailing it, but they failed at the last hurdle. What they serve up is Traditional Metal meets Power Metal meets Thrash/Speed Metal. And where they let themselves down is with the choruses and with some of the execution. Also, I don’t think some of the vocal lines bring out the best in Rob Browne.

On opener, Gates of Inferno, the vocals on the chorus are double tracked in the same way that Bruce Dickinson and Adrian Smith do on Wasted Years. But here, they haven’t nailed the melody and it’s a real let down.

I really dig his high pitched Power Metal scream and various other styles, so I know he can sing… but sometimes there’s way too many words crammed into a sentence and maybe he’s even singing in the wrong key. Whatever they are doing wrong, it’s holding them back.

The music side is pretty much sorted. The thrashing rhythms and the construction of the music, from the quieter moments to the rockiest are practically faultless. But when you’re singing about dragons and the like, throwing in some Hardcore gangshouts just doesn’t fit. It sends out mixed messages about who you are… like a prude-ish pornstar, if you get my drift.

So bags and bags of potential… but much refinement is needed and a more mature approach to the song writing wouldn’t go amiss either. So decide if you want to be the next Megadeth or the next Blind Guardian, and then stick to your chosen path. Because you sure as hell as can’t be both at the same time


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