Album of the Week: Heaven Abhorred

Album of the Week


Heaven Abhorred – Outlaw’s Path (Self Release)

 I don’t care how big a band is, or in this case, how relatively unknown they are, if it’s good enough, then it can qualify as my album of the week.

And I have a bit of previous with Heaven Abhorred as I did a limited cd release of their debut EP, almost two years ago… but this album… wow, what a transformation.

If you’ve heard the band in the past, just scrub that, as this is a new and improved version, in practically every facet. The primitive Doom inspired Black Metal has been replaced with a more deathly approach to Black Metal and the production has been cranked right up to create a much fuller sound. And a sound that has blown me away.

Although based in the US, Chris Marshall has a love of UK Metal and he’s enlisted a few friends from the UK to help out in various departments, from the rather fetching artwork, to keyboards and orchestration, as well as guest slot on one of the tracks… and that extra input, as well as his own hard work, has helped create an album that really deserves much more recognition than it’ll probably receive in an overcrowded market.

From the dark as hell, Cherish The Suffering, which is a gnarly mid paced piece that transforms into a raging slab of old school Black Metal to the galloping maelstrom of I Am I, I am genuinely amazed at how good this album is. I obviously saw something in the fledgling Heaven Abhorred in the past, but I never expected something of this quality.

And I don’t mean any disrespect in that last statement. When you spend all of your time critiquing music, you set a bar of what you expect a young band to achieve, but when they surpass that way beyond what you thought possible, it’s a jaw dropping moment, as well as a pleasing moment. I guess that’s the parental side of me coming through and I’m just happy for Chris and a bit of me feels a little bit proud as well.

So well fucking done mate and it’ll take something to top this album… but I’m sure you will

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