Waldgefluster – Ruinen


Waldgefluster – Ruinen (Bindrune Recordings/Nordvis Produktion)

I think the record label has got me out of a hole here, as they describe this album as having a sound “with no boundaries”. Which is just as well, as the Waldgefluster of 2016 bears almost no resemblance to the original one man band that created the raw Black Metal of Herbstklagen, back in early 2009.

Of course “the band” is just that these days, a fully-fledged band, not a solo project with a few guest musicians. So with experience and greater ability plus (presumably) outside influence in the writing department, the end result is quite stunning.

Some of the early Black Metal influences are still present, but they are more rounded and fit in nicely with the flow of Post-Black Metal and atmospheric Doom, which is at the core of Ruinen’s sound. Band founder Winterherz still loves an epic or two… ok, make that five on this album, but everything has reached an amazing level of maturity.

It’s probably a bit of a cliché these days, but this is music to immerse yourself in. You don’t just listen to this album, you absorb it and let it wash over you. It’s a note perfect exercise in matching gentle acoustic passages with melancholy and a wonderful juxtaposition of calming clean, almost choral like, vocals and a menacing Black Metal style that just oozes menace. Hell, I could wax lyrical about this album until the cows come home…

But all you really need to know is that this should be at the top of your shopping list this month…


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