Warfist – Metal To The Bone


Warfist – Metal To The Bone (Godz Ov War Productions)

As soon as I heard the opening number, Pestilent Plague, I knew I’d be checking out Warfist’s back catalogue. Just like seeing a cute kitten for the first time, this gives you a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Except that this is Blackened Thrash and the riffs just keeping pouring down for wave after wave of retro banging action… so nothing like a little kitten really….

But it’s been an interesting exercise comparing the rawer attack of 2005’s Speed Metal War and seeing the progress the band have made as the Speed turns to Thrash and their sound becomes gradually fuller. When I have the time, I’ll try and seek out the whole of their back catalogue as everything I’ve heard so far has been nothing short of amazing.

Ironically, I was never a massive thrash fan in the 80s, bar the likes of Metallic and Slayer, and Onslaught in the UK… but right now, I’m enjoying the resurgence of the whole Blackened Speed/ Thrash Metal style. Diehards will probably say it never went away… but whatever the argument, I’m loving the style, much more than the first time around.

And this album is at the pinnacle of that enjoyment. It’s got a very familiar feel without sounding like anyone in particular. The band have covered the likes of Venom and Sodom over the years, so that’ll give you an idea of their influences. And Sodom are a band I’ve only learnt to appreciate as I’ve gotten older… how the fuck did I not completely enjoy Ausgebombt in the late 80s? But I digress.

My laboured point is that this is right up there with all the good shit from the 80s. It’s the sort of style I really should have appreciated more when it was appearing for the first time. Back then I was mixing Mercyful Fate / King Diamond with the Scorpions, Saxon and other bastions of the 80s scene. And I should have had a bit more time for Thrash Metal.

Hell, I’ve enjoyed this album so much I don’t even think the title is cheesy.  This album is most definitely Metal To The Bone and it really keeps the Thrash flag flying high.



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