Cities Of Mars – Celestial Mistress


Cities Of Mars – Celestial Mistress (Suicide Records)

When I get a new electronic toy, or even a new computer game, I tend not to read the instructions at first and just dive straight in to try and make it work… and I’m kind of the same with my music, especially when it revolves around a concept.

This is one of the few exceptions though as the music really makes sense when you know the back story.

The concept of this collection of 3 epic tracks, which clock in at a 9 minute average, is all about space.  To be precise, about a Russian mission to Mars in 1971 when they land a secret agent on the planet. Which I guess ties in with the band name as well.

The reason you need to know the back story is that this feels like a space transmission. With their epic riffs of Doom, their Sabbath-esque pounding drums and that early 70s Psychedelic vibe, the band have really captured the sound that matches up with their concept.

And what a fucking cool sound it is. I appreciate a lot of the hippy sounds of the 60s and early 70s and this baby has such a glorious laidback feel to it, despite it being 10 tonnes heavier than the likes of Jefferson Airplane.  I‘m thinking Badmotorfinger era Soundgarden jamming out some Sabbath, circa Masters of Reality.

Vinyl junkies will be able to get this on a 12” gatefold… I’ll be modern and stick with the digital version, but there’s nothing modern about this glorious slice of retro action. I’ve just found their debut single (from last year) on Bandcamp, so I’m off to check that out and I’ll leave you to get stuck into the opening track of this album, Gave of Leviathan.

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