BPR Pick Of the Week: Soliloquium

The Black Phoenix Rising Pick Of The Week – written by Demoniac https://blackphoenixrisingblog.wordpress.com/



 So, returning with my first feature on the new Beneath The Surface site, I’m going to introduce Soliloquium. If you’re familiar with the classic Peaceville bands, Paradise Lost, Katatonia and Anathema you’ll feel right at home here, there’s a considerable influence drawn from these three bands and while it might be argued there’s no real new ground being broken here Soliloquium’s music is nonetheless a very enjoyable and high quality take on this sound.

The band manage to mix it up a fair bit as well, there’s a lot of variety in the songs on offer ranging from the heavier end of the death / doom spectrum to more mellow and melodic tracks. There’s also a good mix of vocal styles with both clean and growled vocals employed well, and on the whole if you enjoy the sound of the classic Peaceville days you’ll find little to fault with this one.

They’ve got a few releases on Bandcamp, in particular the recent album An Empty Frame is worth a look and the band are offering the digital releases as name your price downloads too. If this sounds like your bag, definitely worth giving Soliloquium a listen.


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