Pohjoisen Soturit


Pohjoisen Soturit – Oksat pois… ja osa latvuksista (Inverse Records)

Pohjoisen Soturit are not a band that are in a hurry, since brothers Anssi and Ossi starting making music together in 2003, they’ve only made 4 demos, the last of which appeared in 2011. And now the band have finally made their debut album… and it mainly contains re-recordings of old songs… the oldest, I think, is Verijäljet from 2008.

Ambition, one presumes, is not high on their list of priorities… nor is writing new songs, come to think of it.

And the album doesn’t make the best of starts. Opener, Ies, is a bit of a plodder and not the best way to introduce yourselves to a new audience. The next number, 727522, (no, I don’t have a clue what it means either), knocks the pace up a notch… but the band still aren’t making much of an impression on me.

And then, a miracle….

What I perceive to be the oldest track, Verijäljet, lets rip in an Amon Amarth Melodic Death vein and thankfully, the album springs into life. Kertalaaki dishes up a cool groove and the band, at fucking last, seem to have settled on a style and a pace that is a real joy to listen to… some fist banging, thrashing Melodic Death… So why they didn’t start with these numbers? Ukko only knows….

8 out of the albums 10 tracks are really good, it’s just a mystery why the 2 weakest are up front. So this is an album you really need to give some time to, as the foreplay isn’t the best… Your perseverance is rewarded with some solid groove laden Death Metal and the occasional burst of energy, which can be found on Naimahauta… which is probably my favourite song on the album.

I feel though, if the band want to make any progress, someone needs to fire a rocket up their asses. The talent is there, it just needs to be woken up. An album of tracks written over such a long period of time isn’t as coherent as it could have been, had the band sat down and penned 10 new tracks.

As I used to get in most of my school reports: Good, but could do better.



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