Various Artists – Faces of Death II


Various Artists – Faces of Death II

The first Faces of Death split featured UK one man bands, Devoured Flesh and Squirm. Both are back for the second instalment, which has been expanded upon this time to feature five bands….

Devoured Flesh are up first and Josh Croydon is getting better and better at his craft. He’s still offering up a mid-paced slice of Gore infused Death Metal. The production is absolutely spot on this time around and it all fits together naturally. And the promise shown on Volume 1 has been realised here. Good stuff.

Next we have Squirm. And to be brutally honest, pun intended… I think this is a slight step back from the material on volume 1. Maybe it was rushed to get it released on time, but it’s not quite hitting the highs of previous material, mainly due to the production, which I’m not gelling with. There’s nothing wrong with the writing, more the execution of the songs… so we’ll leave Squirm to check out the three other bands, all of which are new to these ears.

The uber-prolific Thanatomorphose are appearing on their 9th release in about 3 years and they crank out some horror obsessed gore, with the vocals sounding like someone gargling from a bucket of afterbirth. It’s a maelstrom of horrific sounds and chunky riffs and despite the chaotic nature of just about everything about it, it’s actually ok.

Cannibal Feast, like Thanatomorphose, are from Canada… and they sing pretty lullaby’s… not really, this is more Horror based Death metal, with a few more samples than the previous bands and it’s the heaviest band on the split. It also provides my favourite track, A Onion And A Whore… which did make me chuckle a bit – I won’t spoil the surprise of the humorous intro… so loads of riffs, loads of groove and loads of fun.

Last up, it’s Dysmenorrhea and I know absolutely nothing about them… not one single scrap of info. They offer up 14 tracks that range from 11 seconds to an almighty 65 seconds in length… it’s chaotic drum-machine led noise and it’s about as subtle as some of the women hating song titles. Finesse is not on the agenda here, that’s for sure.

Overall, a really good split album with Cannibal Feast a good new find for me especially. Roll on volume 3

Available as a free download or on cd for just £3


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