Burial In The Sky – Persistence of Thought


Burial In The Sky – Persistence of Thought (Self-Released)

I think the fact that this is self-release, is a huge indicator of how much the industry has changed in the last decade or so. I’m sure had Burial In The Sky been around at the turn of the century, the likes of Metal Blade, Unique Leader or even possibly Relapse would have been sniffing around.

But labels are less inclined to take a risk on newer bands these days, certainly at the levels I’ve just mentioned…

And listen to me, raving on about a band whose chosen genre is one I’m not really a fan of…

Burial In The Sky are a technical Death band, but after getting to know this album a lot better than any Tech Death album, ever, I like to see it has a refined form of Atmospheric Death, with oodles.. or should that be noodles (as in noodling guitar) of finesse.

I can’t deny that there are some elements that lose me completely… mainly the more widdly widdly moments, to use a technical term… but when the band are in full flow, man, they are like a juggernaut gliding effortless across the sky, pulverizing everything in its way… and maybe that’s where they got their name from (but most probably not).

And I like how the band tempers those excesses. As Entry II finishes on a high, Entry III begins serenely, before the tension rises again, but never reaching the intensity of its predecessor.

Maybe that’s why I probably like this album. It’s not overly flashy. Sure, the band showcase their obvious musical abilities, but they don’t ram this down your throat like some bands do.

If, like me, this is the sort of release you normally shun, give it a go… if it can win me over, if can convert many a non-believer.


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