Yorkshire Riffer Vol 1


Various Artists – Lovely Time… Guaranteed! Vol. 1 (Yorkshire Riffer)

I do love a good comp and here’s one with 23 bands, most of which, I presume are from Yorkshire. I know at least one of these bands is from Co Durham, so we’ll call it Yorkshire and the surrounding areas…

Musically, it goes right across the board, from various forms of Extreme Metal, Thrash, Black Metal and from Grind, Sludge to Punk.

A lot of the bands on here have been covered before, so I’ll doff my hat to the likes of Narayana, Psython, Arcane North, Cave Dweller and Mountains Crave, and I’ll highlight a few bands that are new to me… which is the reason I love comps, finding new bands.

Things kick off in fine style with Nu,Pogodi! A 3 piece Punk-ish Grind band, which consists of 2 ladies, plus a gentleman on drums. A great fiery noise and it’s a shame that the band are going on hiatus early in 2017. That’s followed by the punk assault of Wolfbastard… a band I have heard before, but need to discover a bit more about, mainly because of my love of authentic (undiluted) Punk.

Delving in further, another Punk band piques my interest. The Ska infused vibes of DeadbeaT, are like a heavier version of Citizen Fish, with a sound reminiscent of a lot of late 70s, early 80s Punk. I like the frantic Grinding attack of Rat Faced Bastard as well, despite a dodgy St Anger drum sound, the energy levels are top notch.

Metal wise, I like Gandalf The Green and their thundering Tolkien obsessed Doom. The Hardcore tinged Thrash of RedEye Revival is also worth a listen. Another band who’ve been on my radar for a while, that I need to make more time for are, Gets Worse. Powerviolence isn’t always my cup of tea, but these guys are fucking intense.

Considering the huge amount of styles of the various bands, this is a very coherent, nicely flowing, compilation. So nice one guys and I look forward to volumes 2 and 2, which are due out soon.


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