Album Of The Week: Natvre’s


Album of the Week

Natvre’s – Wrath (Argento Records)

Away from reviewing, I’m still an opinionated bastard. So for someone who has always got something to say, this album has got me (almost) lost for words. So let’s start at the beginning.

Natvre’s formed in Greece in 2014 and this is a re-issue of their 2015 debut. And it’s getting re-issued in a 3 panel digipack with the promise of a new Natvre’s album in 2017. And I for one, cannot fucking wait…

The band do have a toe dipped into the 90s Black Metal scene, but it’s the forceful nature (I knew that pun would pop up somewhere) of their music that’s the jaw dropping element that has me hooked. And that’s also the bit that has me stumped.

Led by a feral distorted vocal, wave after wave of dense riffing just hits you, like storm waves battering down a sea defence. And it can be mid-paced or a full on assault, it’s still a volatile proposition. But how the fuck do my words translate into a vivid picture of what’s being played? This is the sort of album you really need to listen to, rather than rely on someone like me to sell it to you…

I’m writing this review a few days before the official release, so I’ve linked up the track Prototype below. It’s probably the most “Black Metal” sounding track on the album. But it’ll give you an idea of the bands overall sound.

Bucking the trend on the album is Hinterland, which is eight plus minutes of (slightly) distorted ambience. Elsewhere, it’s a variety of takes on a Blackened theme. The Woven Art hits you with a catchy groove and a hint of 90s Gothdom, while the title track trundles along, but is still as menacing as the more aggressive tunes. Rightly or wrongly, I also detect Voivod as an influence, but that’s only because of the spacey, off filter feel to the album.

I can’t put my finger on why this album just hits you with such force. I just clicked with it, basically without fully realising the contents.  But I found this an album I just wanted to play for enjoyment, without the need to dissect it, like I do with most other albums.

And as it’s that time of year, I’d say this will definitely be in my top 5 albums of the year.

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