BPR Pick Of the Week: Matravian

The Black Phoenix Rising Pick Of The Week – written by Demoniac



 Some epic doom for you this week in the form of Matravian, and if you’re a fan of epic doom you’ll most likely hear a very familiar voice here.

Matravian is the new solo project of former Solstice vocalist Simon Matravers, who has recently unveiled a couple of new and previously unreleased tracks and early impressions are extremely promising. Much as I like black metal and other more extreme forms of music, it’s nice to hear people actually sing too and Simon’s voice still carries that same poignant, ethereal quality that made Lamentations such a unique album, a very distinctive style that’s impossible to mistake or to replicate even after all these years. The music drips with raw emotion and melancholy, it’s a powerful and potent sorrowful sound with a haunting quality to it.

Of the material currently available Arcadian Rhymes is the more polished and perfected, Angelcynn is an older release and slightly rougher round the edges yet still a pretty good listen and showing some real potential, you’ll also certainly appreciate the progress if you compare them. Hopefully we’ll be hearing a lot more from Matravian to come, hopefully a full album won’t be too far away but in any case, this is certainly worth your attention for both old fans and newcomers alike.




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