Metal Legions Podcast Episode 85


Metal Legions Podcast Episode 85
Weekly podcast dedicated to underground and extreme metal

Part 1: New releases
Human Error – Synthetic Euphoria
Bloodtruth – Peste Noire
Gehenna – Through the Veils of Darkness
Natvre’s – The Woven Art
Croc Noir – Glace
Cannibal Feast – A Onion and a Whore
Rottencrotch – Infected Cum Slime
Wildspeaker – Hunt The Weak
Wallcreeper – Here’s A Nice Piece Of Shit
Iron SeaWolf – Hoist the Black Flag
Zmey Gorynich – Oy, Leli-Leli
Burn Down Eden – Whirlwind Purification
Tribal Kills – Jaws
Matravian – Minstrel of the Moor
Death Metal Pope – From The Dust Returned

Part 2 : Thrash and Speed Metal (Begins at 59.15)
Speedwhore – Dead City
Violblast – Conflict
Solitary – Unidentified
F.O.A.D.- Legion Of The Dead
Stalker – The Mutilator
Venomwolf – Blood Ritual
Demon Hammer – Trance Meditation
Mosh-Pit Justice – Burn To Live
Cruscifire – Before The Dead
BitchHammer – Raging Hell Rivers
Morbid Panzer – Black Rider of Madness
No Trust – Pushing Through
Bloodletter – Possession
Bloodride – War In Me
Deathonation – Evil Voice
Hexecutor – Macabre Ceremony

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