Metal Marmite Episode 1


Metal Marmite

I receive so many promos each month. Some get rejected straight away based on genre, and others, well, I can appreciate the musicianship and the production etc… but the music isn’t always to my taste.

So here’s a selection of new releases. Some you may like, and some you may hate.

We’ll begin with a band I really like, Goatchrist.

The reason I’ve included Goatchrist is that this is a standalone release, which bears very little resemblance to their back catalogue. And the production will most definitely irk some people as it’s a bit distorted in places.

For this release, Dominator… who must be 18 or 19 by now, is joined by Invoker on vocals. So obviously that adds a different dynamic to the sound. But Dominator must have raided his grandparents record collection as there’s also a rock, almost a Bluesy Rock N Roll influence, which is a million miles away from his Black Metal roots.

The Shadow of Malintent is a very clever finale and the blending of styles works really well. The only downside for me, is some of the production, which as I mentioned, is a bit distorted and it kind of leaves me feeling seasick. But full marks to him for being brave enough to try something different.


Balance Interruption:

 This is Experimental Black Metal from Ukraine and I think the emphasis is on the mental part of experimental for this, the bands 3rd album. Industrial style pounding, mixes with disharmonic riffs, tribal drums, even some soothing Jazz… yep, this is barking fucking mad.

But it’s very precisely executed and you can hear every instrument clearly. And as is usually the case, I can appreciate the more vitriolic sounds, but I don’t really get the weird shit. But if that’s your thing, then you’ll love this as there’s always so much going on at once.



The thought of Post-Prog and Melodic Death Metal in one mix is a scary proposition for me. But this is actually really good.  The two styles swap places at the front of the queue, so one minute you are listening to Melodic Death and then it drifts into Proggy territory and it constantly changes style.

Highlight for me is Unavoidable, with its chunky riffs and neck snapping rhythms. The two styles are actually meshed to perfection on this track and the vocals are as catchy as hell. I couldn’t find a stream of the new version, but check out the 2014 demo version below.

This album highlights the fact that you should always approach an album with an open mind. I didn’t expect to like this at all and I think it’s a really good example of how two differing styles can be manipulated to work together really well, if the execution is well thought out.

A most pleasant discovery.

Ending this weeks round-up, is Scum.

 They’ve been described as “Where modern Death Metal meets old school thrash”. And therein lies the problem. Bouncy, downtuned riffs that’ll have Max Cavalera bouncing around the room like a bitch in heat. It’s way too modern for an old git like myself and I have zero affinity with the sound, or the vocals, if I’m being honest.

The Thrash elements that make very brief appearances are ok, but they’re few and far between, so I’ll leave this to a younger audience with baggy pants and baseball caps.

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