Verwoed – Bodemloos


Verwoed – Bodemloos (Argento Records)

It’s becoming a very common theme this year, one man bands that eventually end up as full blown bands.

Here we have Verwoed from Utrecht in Holland, formed by Erik B. as Woudloper in 2014, who released one (very good) demo under that name and then a single, which was basically a Dark Ambient meets Drone piece.

But for the 1st Verwoed release, Erik has gone back to the roots of the 1st Woudloper release, and Bodemloos has a core of Black Metal, but with a dystopian soundtrack feel to it. It’s the embodiment of misery, but with the menace of Black Metal creating a spine tingling atmosphere, that keeps threatening to burst into a diatribe of hate. I guess it can be compared to some of the Post Black Metal bands doing the rounds right now, but this is more like a turbo charged version, without the jangly guitars. When this beast slows down, it batters you into submission with brute force.

And that’s what makes this stand head and shoulders above the competition. It’s a stark, uncompromising piece of aural loathing. Een Leven Aan De Oppervlakte also takes a leap into a more maniacal realm as well, just to increase the craziness factor by a few percent.

To counteract the 1st couple of tracks, this 3 tracker ends with the atmospheric Leegte, which simmers off to a mellow ending, to bring the 24 minute duration of this release to a very chilled out finale.

The band have recently made their live debut, so it’ll be interesting to see if this stays a one man studio project and how the next release will play out. But for now, just immerse yourself in this slab of dark anguish.

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