Metal Marmite Episode 2


Many thanks for all those that checked out last weeks Metal Marmite. It ended up being the most viewed page on the blog.

So here we go again with 3 releases that you’ll either love, or hate.

We begin with Oklahoma City based progressive Death Metal trio Dischordia. A band that’ll definitely fuck with your senses.

This one’s a toughie for me to absorb. Disharmonic doesn’t even tell half the story.  The rhythms, the melodies, none of them relate to any conventional format. This is just a freefall exercise in fucking with your head. Well, that’s how I feel about it, anyway.

On the flipside, this is also an exercise in precision musicianship. Musically, this may be a jarring cacophony, but it’s also masterfully crafted, with the bass work of Josh Turner being the highlight. And also the biggest culprit of confusing my lonely braincell….

This is genuinely astounding work, but it’s a release I really struggle with. Those that love a bit of technical fretboard tomfoolery will be drooling themselves stupid for weeks on end…


Next, we’re meeting up with Onsager. An instrumental band from Khmelnitsky, Ukraine…

Over the years I’ve enjoyed a lot of instrumental music, but mainly just the odd track from the likes of Metallica, Scorpions, and even Iron Maiden…  but I’ve never really gone out of my way to play instrumental based Metal.

I’ve done a lot of research for a new business this week and I found this a good soundtrack. It’s not distracted my train of thought, but at the same time, I’ve also been getting into some of the cool vibes, especially on the first full track Balazar.

I’m not sure where to place this as there aren’t any vocals for a point of reference, obviously. The band claim to play a mix of Post-Metal/Sludge/Stoner. I’ll agree with the Stoner reference, I’d also add Progressive to the list as well, as there’s a Jazzy / Proggy feel to some of the drumming. There’s just a hint of more Traditional Metal as well.

Overall, a really enjoyable release… and a nice break from the norm.


Another love/hate genre of mine is progressive Rock (or Metal). Half the time it leaves me cold and the other half, yeah, I can quite like it.

Here we have Karma Rassa, from Russia and the opening number, Silver Faces, nicks the cool piano bit from Supertramp’s Crime of the Century… and who would have guessed that I’m a mega Supertramp fan? I know, I kept that one quiet.

But bar that bit of piano, this sounds nothing like Supertramp, this is a much slicker affair, a bit more modern too… with my limited knowledge of the genre, I’m reminded of Poland’s Riverside and also Blackfield, who the better half likes a lot. So easy on the ear and very polished… From War To War also reminds me, just a bit, of modern day Amorphis, mainly because of the Eastern flavours, as well as the (clean) vocals

Will I ever be a massive Prog fan? No… but albums like this make the genre just that little more bearable.

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