Album of the Week: F.O.A.D.


Album of the Week

F.O.A.D – Birth of Extinction (Defense)

After a brief appearance in 1986, Sweden’s F.O.A.D. resurfaced in 2012. And at long last, they’ve unleashed their debut album, although it’s made up of various releases from the past few years.

They begin with some very good advice as the opening track is called, Avoid the Smell of Semen. I’ve no idea of the bands need for telling us this, but they do it very forcibly, with lashings of Old School Thrash, with just a smattering of Swedish Death.

And this album really is a perfect example of a band wanting to keep the old school flame well and truly burning.  It’s a bone rattling charge from start to finish and they make Slayer sounds like timid school boys, especially on the bombastic Chaos of Reign, which had me attempting to headbang and tap my feet like they were on fire, both at the same time.  No wonder the cat fucked off out of the room.

The riffing is just caustic, like a 1000 arrows homing in on their target at the same time, they just tear through the air. The rhythm section keeps pace with guitars and this just creates a wall of sound that tears down everything in its way. Seriously, I love the sound and it’s hard to believe that only three people created this joyous racket.

As I mentioned at the start, this album is made up of various parts. The original Birth of Extinction EP from earlier in the year. But it has an additional track, Deathcamp VIII, which is more Thrash N Roll than balls to the wall Thrash. It doesn’t really fit in, but that’s just a minor quibble.

You also get the 2014 demo, Demo-Nical.  The first of three numbers is Among the Living Carcass, which is doused in an uncontrollable Punk attitude and lets rip like there’s no tomorrow. You also get a doomier version of Doomed Rebirth of Christ, which is also featured on the main part of the album.

Last, but by no means least, is a 2012 demo recording of a track called Morbid Truth. It shows a band finding their feet as it’s a bit like the very 1st Accept album from, I think, 1979, mixed with a bit of Rock N Roll Motorhead.

So if you love a bit of Thrash, or just 80s Metal in general, go seek this baby out… it’ll tear you a new asshole and spit you out, just for the hell of it

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