BPR Pick of the Week: Sun Worship

The Black Phoenix Rising Pick Of The Week – written by Demoniac


Sun Worship

German black metal band Sun Worship picked up a bit of attention with their debut album Elder Giants a couple of years back, it was certainly one I enjoyed and remember well. Earlier this year we were presented with the equally impressive follow up, Pale Dawn.

Sun Worship’s music, while intense and relentless has a captivating quality to it, managing to create a ritualistic ambience and drone-like feel but with a predominantly black metal focus. On the surface it comes across as a furious, blazing assault, riffs and blasts hurled through your speakers, you’d be forgiven at least early on for thinking it doesn’t deviate much from this yet beneath this you’ll hear so much more, lots of subtle intricacies and shifts, evocative and soaring melodies all there to be discovered. It’s helped by a thick and meaty production which adds impact to the delivery with everything in there being very clear and distinctly audible.

This is music you can lose yourself in completely, creating a contemplative, meditative vibe and absorbing you without deviating from the black metal framework and it draws you in even though the pace rarely drops throughout. Pale Dawn is certainly a worthy follow up to its predecessor and if you enjoy fierce yet atmospheric black metal that you can immerse yourself in fully then Sun Worship are well worth your time, you’re unlikely to be disappointed with this. Both their albums can be found on Bandcamp with physical copies also available for purchase.



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