Wormlight – Bloodfields


Wormlight – Bloodfields (Black Lion Records)

Stay with me on this bit: This is a re-issue of the bands 2015 EP, and it was recorded with the bands previous vocalist, Nordlyst. After the band recorded the EP, their newly installed guitar player, Tiamat Invictuz, also took over the vocal duties. This re-issue contains the original EP, with Nordlyst on vocals, plus two bonus tracks, this time with Mr Invictuz cranking out some vocals. So you get two versions of the tracks Wormlight and The Bloodfields… so you can compare the vocal styles…

And the new stuff…. Fucking hell it slays.

Ok, before I get all gooey eyed over the new vocals, I’ll backtrack, just a little. As I’ve not even told you what sort of music to expect yet.

Basically, Wormlight love classic Swedish Black Metal… there’s just a touch of Swedish Death mixed in too. Their music takes me back to an old tape I had… and I’ve not idea which one. I’m sure it was something Golden Lake distributed sometime in the mid 90s.

The original 4 EP tracks aren’t full on Black Metal, which is probably down to Nordlyst’s barked vocal style, but every now and then, they flick a switch and it’s just classic old school Black Metal… and that’s the bit that takes me back to the mid 90s and the old tape that I’ll never remember the title of.

So returning to the new tracks, hopefully they are a good indication of what to expect in 2017, when the band unleash their debut album. They are firing on all cylinders and the switch in personnel looks like a good one.

Black Lion don’t usually disappoint and they’ve got another cracking band with Wormlight.


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