Metal Legions Podcast Episode 87
Weekly podcast dedicated to underground and extreme metal

Zornheym – A Silent God (Best of 2016)
Infatuation of Death – Left to the World
Defiatory – The Final Conflict (Best of 2016)
Armpits – Beer Run
Marianas Rest – The Millennialist
Shadecrown – Led Astray (Best of 2016)
A Soul Called Perdition – Woe (Best of 2016)
World Controller – Epsilon Minus (Best of 2016)
Obscuredream – Blood Of Phoenix (Best of 2016)
The Descent – The Coven Of Rats
Atropas – Burn it to the Ground
Ashaena – Calea (Best of 2016)
Soul Dissolution – This Red Painting in the Sky (Best of 2016)
Sintax – Sway For A Better Day (Best of 2016)
Funeral Chant – When Death is Coming
Voor – False People Will Die
FROMHELL – The Abandoned Stargate

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