BPR Pick Of The Week: FROMHELL


The Black Phoenix Rising Pick Of The Week – written by Demoniac

Naturmacht Productions are one of those labels which rarely disappoints, yet with March On Gravitation, the second full length band from Indonesian black metallers FROMHELL they’ve really outdone themselves. Their first album, Dynasty, was pretty decent, this one though is where they’ve really come into their own.

It’d be lazy to tag this as progressive black metal, technically accurate but doesn’t do it any justice at all. What you’ve got here is a full blooded black metal album which nonetheless incorporates some very unorthodox elements, progressive, yes, but they’re subtly employed in a way that doesn’t dilute the black metal core of this album and it makes March On Gravitation stand out as something very unique. The music is full of twists and turns, you can hear a lot of influence from classic Scandinavian black metal with some of the riffs and melodies but you’ll hear plenty more besides, not least the excellent clean vocals which are used frequently on here, nods to classic heavy metal too and lots of little nuances, flourishes and transitions which occur often.

I think, being honest, the best way for me to get across just how this sounds is to simply to say to you go and listen to it. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised, even if you’re someone who baulks at the idea of ‘progressive’ elements in black metal you’ll find this album brings out the best of both without compromising either. It’s a complex and demanding listen though, deserving of undivided attention but a very rewarding one and one where you’ll be picking out new things even five or six plays down the line. Great value too, given Naturmacht’s releases typically set you back around three quid or so, well worth it.


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