Metal Marmite Episode 3


Here’s 3 more love or hate ’em releases… 2 of which I really like and one, well read on to find out what I think of the other one…

The Descent – The Coven Of Rats (Suspiria Records)

It’s album number two for the Spanish Metalheads, who love everything Swedish. And 10 years into their career, they are still a paint by numbers Melodic Death Band, albeit one that sound good.

Look, the sound is big, fucking huge in fact. Everything hits hard, sounds good, is easy to get into etc… but there’s nothing new to latch onto. The band wear their influences on their sleeves, which at times is no bad thing, but they really need to inject something different to a very samey formula.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with what they’ve produced… but for this particular listener, I want to be challenged. I can play this in the background and it won’t offend me for a single second, but it won’t set my world alight either.


Second To Sun – Blackbound (Self Release)

In the last review, I stated I wanted to be challenged… so here we have Second To Son. An instrumental Black Metal band from Russia. And all of their songs have their own artwork, as well as back stories, instead of lyrics. Personally, that’s not really my thing… I want the lyrics to speak to me, if it’s that kind of album… but I have to admit, the music is bloody good.

I would love someone to get a hold of this and to add some vocals, because it’s been constructed in the normal way and someone with the right skillset, could (easily!) vocalize this.

Pre-Second To Sun, some of the band members were in the Raw Black Metal band Epoch Crysis. And I’d love to hear that chaotic vocal style used on this album….

But as it stands, it’s a really intriguing form of instrumental Metal that completely draws you in. It’s not quite in the Shoegaze / Post Black Metal category, mainly because of the pulverising drums, but the guitars do lean that way. And while the band try to shake off the Progressive tag they were labelled with early in their career, the Industrial meets Progressive parts don’t completely dispel that theory (sorry guys)

PS: To the person who decided to tag on a couple of “bonus” tracks… you shouldn’t have bothered, they’re awful 🙂



Deadspace – Gravity

I can accept that not everyone likes a bit of DSBM. But if it’s a genre you’ve shunned in the past, Deadspace could be the ones that change your mind.

I 1st discovered this bunch of depressive Aussies early in 2015, I think… and I’m impressed with the progress they’ve made on this ep, which in all honesty, isn’t just DSBM, it has a Goth sheen and the vocals are lot more vitriolic than your average shoegazing, wrist cutting miserablist would emit…

Musically, this is unbelievably stunning… eerily melancholic with a Classical edge, it brings out the same warm fuzzy feeling that My Dying Bride did on The Dreadful Hours. And not forgetting the injection of Black Metal, which should keep the Tr00 Kvlt believers happy. Mix that in with some stunning guitar solos and some gut wrenching atmospherics and you have a near perfect example of how miserable music can be beautifully uplifting.

I’ll end this review, with a very Aussie ending:

This EP would make a dead man crack a fat…. It’s that good.




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