Ufosonic Generator – The Evil Smoke


Ufosonic Generator The Evil Smoke (Minotauro Records)

If you didn’t know already, I do have a few hippy tendencies, mainly influenced by my musical journey as a young child in the 70s. I grew up listening to the likes of Bad Company, Skynyrd, Queen and The Sensational Alex Harvey Band. And the older I got, the darker my tastes became.

Italy’s Ufosonic Generator embrace the darker side of the 70s, roughly from Sabbath to Pentagram. And there’s just a hint of something a little trippier… which is where the biography mention of Uriah Heep probably comes in. (Unfortunately without Ken Hensley’s Hammond playing). This is more of a rocking Doom-fest with a few 70s prototype jams and a sprinkling of all things Satanic.

They’ve really nailed the 70s vibe too and this a glorious homage to the dark forces of Metal’s original wave of bands. One minute you are drifting off, just enjoying the ride and then they really crank it up and your head is bouncing in unison to the Zeppelin-esque grooves… which kind of morph into the Ozzy era of Sabbath… well, they do in my head. But which ever way you dissect it, this is a fucking cool album.

With the original wave of Metal bands either six feet under or drifting into retirement, we need a new breed of bands to take up the mantel, and Ufosonic Generator are leading the charge for all things 70s related.


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