BPR Pick of the Week: Dimension F3H

The Black Phoenix Rising Pick Of The Week – written by Demoniac


Bands often attach strange labels to their music to lure people in but I must admit, in the case of Dimension F3H, it worked. The prospect of “Bladerunner Thrash” certainly made me curious enough to check this band out and I’m glad I did. In addition, it was only afterwards I realized the band features Morfeus amongst their ranks who was half of symphonic black metal band Limbonic Art. A welcome discovery then, given I’m also a big fan of Limbonic Art too and despite the very different sound you will hear elements which remind you of Morfeus’s previous band.

Dimension F3H’s sound, as you might expect from the Bladerunner reference, contains a fair amount of industrial and electronic elements alongside the metal which fits well with their futuristic sci-fi themed vibe. They’ve had three albums out, their debut Reaping The World Winds being released in 2003 and their most recent is This Mechanical World which was just releases at the end of last month. Their sound has changed a lot over those years, each album takes a very different approach, from the bombastic and theatrical style of the debut to the more streamlined, thumping sound of the latest effort and it’s good to see they’ve experimented and haven’t just stuck to the same formula for the years they’ve been active.

Dimension F3H are definitely a band worth checking out if you enjoy industrial metal, and certainly if you’ve ever been a fan of Limbonic Art it’s interesting to see what Morfeus is doing these days. All their albums are on Bandcamp, including their latest, and while I personally find their debut to be the best of the three you can have a listen and decide for yourself.



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