Pimeä Metsä – No Blood No Glory


Pimeä Metsä – No Blood, No Glory (Wormhole Death)

I don’t know what they are putting in the water in Spain, but Pimeä Metsä aren’t the first Spanish band that I’ve discovered recently that ply a Scandinavian style of Metal.

Madrid’s Pimeä Metsä have immersed themselves in the World of Viking Metal… although the first song proper, Viking’s Creed did have me worried for a few minutes.

After the mini epic intro of Hávamál I was expecting the band to come out all guns blazing, but Vikings Creed despite some frantic drumming and some rousing choral vocals, felt like Viking Metal mixed with Melodic Death. Ok, it’s not all bad, but it felt a bit like Viking Metal by numbers

But then I got hit with, or should that be, by Thunder God… and wow, this was what I was hoping for from the off. The intensity increases and this is music you can feel, such is its impact. This is the sort of rabble rousing anthem I love and any fears about this being a bit lightweight are well and truly eradicated.

Being brutally honest, Pimeä Metsä aren’t offering anything different from the multitude of other bands that are jostling for the same audience… but I have to say, this album has a real feel-good factor about it. It’s uplifting in a, we’re off to battle, kind of war cry. The folk influences sound natural, despite the band coming from a warmer country than their (colder) influences and it’s just an album I enjoy playing, simply because I like the music, not because I need to play it x amount of times before I review it.

So no wheels are being re-invented here, it’s just a very good Metal album that I enjoy playing through choice.


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