Maze Of Sothoth – Soul Demise


Maze Of Sothoth – Soul Demise (Everlasting Spew Records)

I am not the Worlds biggest Death Metal fan… and I like the more technical forms even less. It’s a genre I struggle to embrace most of the time… again, especially with Technical Death… and as for the more brutal forms of Death Metal, that combine spellbinding trickery and twisty rhythms… just don’t get me started.

And yes, you know what’s coming next… or do you?

Ok, this album is everything I said I dislike about Death Metal, but it’s fucking amazing.

I don’t know how this Italian quartet have won me over, on this their debut album, but they have done exactly that.

Yep, it’s twisty, technical, brutal, flashy as fuck Death Metal with solos that dive below the surface of the brutality and they can all play with breathtaking precision and yes I fucking love it. Two lots of swearing in one review… I must really like it then.

The only criticism I have, is that I can’t play this while I’m trying to concentrate (on work) as the constant barrage doesn’t let me switch off, such is the fierceness of the aural carnage they create… but I’m sure they didn’t make this album with my ability to concentrate on the agenda…

Why it works, for me, at least, is that it’s brutal, yet accessible at the same time. The riffs reign down, the drums and the bass go apeshit, and the vocals roar, but you can still latch onto the melody. Each song flows and I get it, for once.

Like myself, approach this with a completely open mind as it’s a genuinely amazing slab of brutality….

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