Reviews Round-Up 1

I’ve a huge pile of review material building up, so here’s a few shorter reviews… starting with some Thrash albums


Centrate – Ritual (Self Release)

Ritual is the debut album by German Thrashers Centrate (although I keep calling them Concentrate). And it’s a solid debut, but one that probably won’t set the World alight… despite my liking of it.

It really is just a solid album, nothing more, nothing less. It’s got good solid production and there really isn’t a lot to complain about… but I feel it’s just a little too precise and too clinical. The band need to loosen up a little and inject a little fun into proceedings. I guess the old cliché about Germans being efficient comes into play here, but adding that extra bit of class will come with time, I’m sure.

Biggest plus point of the album is probably the riffing, as there’s a bit of invention going on. But all facets of the album can be highly praised. The only thing they are missing right now is experience.


Rajalla – Diktaattori (Inverse Records)

Rajalla, which Mr Google’s translation service tells me means, On The Border, present to you their debut album Diktaattori (Dictator)

I listen to a lot of bands who don’t sing in English, but I think this is one of the first Finnish bands that sing in Finnish, for this style of music… a Punk edged form of Thrash.

And it’s a style my brain is taking a little while to adjust to. If I didn’t know any different, I’d probably say that this was South American… possibly Brazilian, especially on the super frantic Ihmisviha, as it just has that feel to it. Mainly because the vocal delivery doesn’t feel European at all. (Bar a couple of more melodic moments)

Strip away the cultural differences, and you unearth a very good Thrash album, but one where the delivery style and the language used, are very different from the norm… well, different from my norm.

So approach with just a bit of caution, unless you’re Finnish, because you probably listen to stuff like this all time and you think I’m just sprouting (talking) a load of nonsense.


Tóxica – Ahogados En Contaminación (Witches Brew)

This time we are in South America and the language has switched to Spanish, for the debut album from Argentina’s Tóxica.

I have a lot of time for the South America scene. The bands, like the fans, have an unrivalled passion for Metal, and it shows on this album, which is very assured for a debut… dive bombing solos, frantic drums and the obligatory gangshouts… it’s all very familiar, but fresh sounding at the same time. It’s basically a collision of the Bay Area scene and their Latin brothers in arms. Same product, just with a different (hotter) flavour.

As well as the 8 track album, the band bands debut EP from 2014 is tagged on the end… and as it was only available on Cdr before, it’s a nice addition to the collection and a real eye opener when you hear the progress the band have made in the last couple of years.

Well worth checking out.

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