BPR Pick of the Week: Incursed

The Black Phoenix Rising Pick Of The Week – written by Demoniac



Hailing from Spain, Incursed bring a very unique hybrid of numerous different styles, with elements of folk, power, Viking and black metal incorporated into their sound. I came across them a few years ago, buying their album Fimbulwinter after being pretty impressed with what I heard. Since then, they’ve released an EP and their latest album Elderslied. For the most part it’s lively and upbeat music with plenty going on, the different elements are all well balanced too with no one aspect dominating too much. Production is clean and the overall sound comes across as extremely polished and professional, Incursed are clearly skilled as well in terms of both composition and musicianship, the whole thing is very well done and put together.

As you might expect given the variety of styles employed it’s difficult to find bands to reference for comparison sake, however I would say that fans of Wintersun would find much to enjoy here as well, it’s got a similar sort of sound and feel to it. The best way to approach this though, as with most bands, is just dive in and give them a try. Incursed I’m sure will find many fans receptive to what they’re doing, and best of all it won’t cost you anything to try, their music is available from Bandcamp as name your price downloads. Their next album is also currently being crowdfunded I believe, more info on that can be found via their Facebook page. For now though, there’s plenty of good stuff to go at, and if you’re looking for some melodic and upbeat metal you can’t go far wrong with Incursed.



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