Reviews Round-Up 2

This time, some Black Metal releases….


Амезарак – Non Lucidum Tristitia (Symbol of Domination)

The label sent me a load of albums to review, unfortunately though, not a lot of release information came with the mega promo pack. And as Амезарак are Russian and most of the information about them online is in Cyrillic script, you’ll have to forgive my lack of background knowledge.

What I can tell you is that Амезарак is a one man band, and this is the sixth album since 2012. And musically, it’s melodic Black Metal, with just a touch of an old school feel, as well as a doomy depressive slant. Both sides to the sound could easily be from different bands, such is the gaping chasm between the styles… but I like both, so I can’t really complain.

In terms of execution, the slower tracks have some great lead guitar work and a more atmospheric feel (not a surprise there), so they just edge it over their more aggressive compatriots.

So if you like to wallow in misery one minute and then go mental with full-on aggression and the need to worship Satan the next, then this could be your perfect soundtrack.



Misanthropia – Omerta (Via Nocturna)

Don’t get me wrong, I love everything about this album. It’s a fantastically bombastic slice of Black Metal, the sound is ultra clear thanks to Mike Wead’s knob twiddling skills (especially the grooving bass lines) and it’s a love at first listen kind of release. Basically, it’s a mix of Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of Filth, and to a lesser extent, King Diamond, (the latter, mainly because of the flowing axe work).

But does the world really need another band that sounds like Dimmu Borgir and Cradle of Filth?

It’s a tough one as the formula (obviously) works very well, and is extremely pleasuring to the ear. And as it’s the bands third album in their 11 or 12 year existence, I don’t see them making any drastic changes to the formula they’ve hit upon.

Yet, a few tweaks here and there could easily take them away from the Dimmu/Cradle blueprint they’ve copied so well. So there lies my dilemma…

Do I praise it because it sounds amazing, or do I bitch a bit as it’s not particularly original…?

I guess I’m going to do both.

So it’s wonderful ear candy if you like this sound, just don’t expect the wheel to be re-invented any time soon.


Avulsion Rupture – Wræclást (Self Release)

UK based one man band Avulsion Rupture are just getting better and better with each release, especially now that the sound is so in your face.

And you need decent sound for such intense blast beat led shenanigans… but the assault is also broken up nicely with a few more tranquil moments, in between the blasting and the screaming.

So trying to pinpoint the sound, depending on your preferences, it’s either Blackened Death, or as I see it, Death Metal led Black Metal. The guitars and the drums are definitely more inspired by the dark side, but the vocals are more deathly, as are some of the more slamming moments.

Either way, it’s a fucking cool attack of your senses and it’s a very invigorating listen, one that really gets the blood pumping. Although it’s probably too intense to add to my gym playlist… I’d be knackered in 5 minutes working out to this.

And after waxing lyrical about how in your face this is, my favourite track is probably the slowest on the album, although it still has plenty of blasting going on. Cursed Corpse Candle has a Middle Eastern flavour running through it, it’s a mystical edge that I find hard to resist…

So overall, I’m impressed with the advancements Paul (Bobrucki) has made on this album and there are a three numbers (Cursed Corpse Candle, Fauld and The Dark Peak) which, if he heads in that direction and at that level of quality in the future, he should make some good headway in the murky depths of the underground.


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