Album Of The Week: Mustan Kuun Lapset


Album of the Week

Mustan Kuun Lapset – Saatto (Inverse)

My knowledge of Finnish band Mustan Kuun Lapset (which translates as Children of the Black Moon) is somewhat limited, but what I have heard from their back catalogue, reminds me of the old Death Metal style of Amorphis, mixed in with some Folk and some Black Metal influences.

So after a long hiatus, their last studio album was in 2007, the Finns are unleashing album number 5 and it sounds very much like the style I’ve heard before, but perhaps with the Black and Folk influences elevated above the old Death Metal style.

And while I sit here, trying to put MKL’s music into words, I’m being completely blown away at how fucking amazing the album is. It’s an intense album, but without being particularly loud. But you can can just feel the vibes, especially on the bouncier, head nodding numbers like Amor Vincit Omnia, which is a Death/Black/Folk hybrid with jaunty lead guitars and sword waving rhythms (if that makes sense)

All I can think of is that they sound very Finnish, and it’s like listening to an extreme version of the 90s version of Amorphis. Which considering the band started in the mid 90s, does make sense. Although I’m sure they may not be over enamoured at my comparison, as this is probably a bit better than a lot of their fellow countryman’s output (and I love old Amorphis, so that’s meant as a huge compliment)

Where are we? Just over three weeks into 2017 and Mustan Kuun Lapset have already set the benchmark for everyone else to try and beat, the album really is that good.

Now I’m off to see what I’ve missed out on all these years as I give their back catalogue a proper listen…

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