Mourning Dawn – Waste


Mourning Dawn – Waste (Aesthetic Death)

The new album from French band Mourning Dawn contains, what is to me, a completely original concept.

Track one, The One I Never Was has a running time of 24 minutes and 12 seconds. As does track two, The One I’ll Never Be.

You then overlay the tracks on top of each other to create a third track, again, obviously, with a running time of 24.12.

The whole concept is completely mind blowing… the thing is, does it work?

The One I Never Was is mainly darkly Doom, with a few Industrial style beats. The vocals are slow and edge towards tortuous, with just a hint of Black Metal. So it kind of sounds like a Killing Joke single being played at 33rpm, instead of 45rpm.

The One I’ll Never Be starts out slow and ponderous, and there’s a chanting monk meets Middle Eastern feel to it. Atmospheric is an understatement, especially with the tolling bell which feels like it’s emerging from the dense fog that surrounds my house this morning.

So the two tracks are merged together to make Waste (deconstruction of a human being) … and the end result is….

Pure fucking genius

I was trying to work out how the hell they made two tracks that gelled so well and the only answer I can come up with, is that they created the third track first and then took bits out and used them in tracks one and two… with the word “deconstruction” being the obvious clue.

Whatever they did, I love it. The title track is pure (miserable) ear candy and a glorious cacophony of atmospheric hatred… for want of a better term.

So I applaud the band for thinking up such a mad idea and I applaud them again for the perfect execution of said crazy idea.

In a word, amazing.

Pre-order here:

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