Thyrane – Black Harmony


Thyrane – Black Harmony (Woodcut)

The biography that came with this release was short and to the point. “Kvlt demo or just nostalgia?”

This is a re-issue of Thyrane’s demo from 1997. It has four long tracks and running time is about 35 minutes. It’s getting re-issued on cd, tape and vinyl… so I’m guessing the label are firmly in the Kvlt camp… and to be brutally honest, so am I… but there’s still a bit of nostalgia attached for me.

1997 was the first year I went over to Holland for the Dynamo Festival (I also went in 1998 and 99) and I saw the likes of Dimmu Borgir and Satyricon live… which is roughly where you should place this demo, although it has more in common with Dimmu Borgir than Satyr’s troops.

You can’t help but compare the keyboards with Dimmu Borgir as they share a very similar sound. There’s also some similarity with some of the blasting drum sections… although Thyrane’s sound is a bit more varied.

So what you’re getting is essentially 35 minutes of Symphonic Black Metal and it captures that mid to late 90s time frame perfectly. I missed the first wave of Black Metal and I came in via Nemesis Divina, Enthrone Darkness Triumphant and the In The Woods classic, Heart of the Ages. So 95 to 97 was my great initiation into the dark arts. Although I was fan of Mercyful Fate way before this.

If I’d heard this at the time, I think it would have surpassed all but Mother North. So yes, it has made me feel a bit nostalgic, but it’s also an amazing release in its own right.

The band have reformed in the past year or so… so it’ll be interesting to see where they go directionwise if this is the success it should be

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