Podcast: Metal Legions Episode 90


Metal Legions Episode 90
Weekly podcast dedicated to underground and extreme metal

Plague – Silenced By Death
Defiatory – Metatron
Insanity Cult – Seeds Of Lesser Gods
Necroscythe – I Spit Upon The Cross Of Christ
Samskaras – Conqueror
Neoplasma – Alt Som Var
Wørsen – Understanding
Entry – Secrets
Tomb Mold – Clockwise Metamorphosis
Chronic Hangover – Sociopatia
Desert Altar – Pale Rider
Herem – Scars To Summon
Beartrap – Kneel
Hummingbird Of Death – Acquire Knowledge
Incursed – The Wild Hunt
Gothic – New End
Fusion Bomb – On The Fields Of Katyn
Meltdown – Mariana Trench
Ketch – The Monsters Of This World
Sülfür Ensemble – Marilyn
Hex Morbidity – Hex Morbidity
Krimson Karma – Infernal Cosmics
Uten Håp – Anima
Pänik – Heart Racer
Forsaken Tomb – Werewolf Nights
Demonic Ritual – 1000 Deaths
Havenmoor – Shadows Over Havenmoor
Terror Throne – Hexed
Abduction – Self Burial Ceremony

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