Undrask – Battle Through Time


Undrask – Battle Through Time (Self-Released)

I’m not overly keen on the band name, which I think is an old Norse word meaning, “be astonished at”, but that really is the only complaint I’ll make in this review.

Which is surprising on a couple of fronts, because I’m not a big fan of Melodic Death and also, I am a right moany old twat at times… although not as bad as Cam Newton, the quarterback from the bands local NFL team in North Carolina.

Anyway, musically, this just flows. It’s very melodic and the whole album has some very catchy lead guitars which propel each song along. It’s a bit like the crunch of Amon Amarth meeting the technical supremacy of the first three Children of Bodom albums (back when they were still good)

And that mix of styles is right up my street… and they really have hit my tastes head on…. Especially the more Viking themed numbers like Longhammer

I’m also not overly bothered by the technical side of things, normally, but again… these guys have just nailed the arrangements (especially the double bass drumming) and the sound is just crystal clear….

So can someone please tell me why the fuck are these guys still unsigned?

It’s so good, you can’t even nitpick about the smallest detail… so what would I change about this release if I could? Probably the release date to about 15 to 20 years ago, as this would have elevated them way beyond where they’ll probably end up today… unless they get that lucky break and someone like Spinefarm or Century Media discovers them….

This is why idiots like me spend hours trawling the dregs of the underground… just to find gems like this… so go give these guys some love… they really deserve it



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