Norunda – Irruption


Norunda – Irruption (Suspiria Records)

As release day approaches, the label, or PR starts sending out more emails about the release… the excitement is building and then you finally get around to playing the album that has sat untouched since it arrived a couple of weeks ago… and it all falls flat.

This is by no means a bad album… but I’m really not feeling it.

It’s not helped by the bands real lack of identity. There’s a solid Thrash background, with the vocals being a little like Dave Mustaine’s (at times)… but apart from that, it also borrows bits from various genres (such are Progressive Metal and a more mainstream Rock sound). And while I can praise the band for their exemplary playing, (especially the drumming) and the producer for the good job they’ve all done, the songs just don’t excite me.

To these ears it’s a just a re-hash of a couple of older styles and while the playing is faultless, I’m not detecting any passion. And it’s all a bit too cliched for me.

80s Metal is my favourite era and this kind of relates back to then, but with a more up to date feel, so this really should be in my zone… unfortunately it isn’t

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