The Brood – The Truth Behind


The Brood – The Truth Behind (Give Praise Records)

Whenever I get a promo from Give Praise I immediately think of short blasts of Grind. This album does fit into that ideal, well sort of.

The Brood, although based in London, only have one Brit amongst their ranks, the other band members are from Spain and they also have a French vocalist. Musically, they do have elements of Grind in their sound, which they wisely describe as Broodcore (wisely as they don’t really follow any set rules, so you can interpret it as you see fit)

And as for short songs… 15 tracks in 32 minutes… they are epics in terms of the normal song length on Give Praise releases.

So dissecting the sound of The Brood… apart from the Grind, they mix in Death Metal, Punk, Crust, and small elements of both Hardcore and Black Metal. And the influences are on constant rotation, so one minute it’s Old School Death Metal taking the lead, the next it’s barking mad Grind, and then a few gangshouts appear. The one thing that doesn’t really change is the intensity… it’s set to kill and it stays on that setting throughout every song.

My only complaint is that although most of the songs really get the blood pumping, especially the 70 second blast that is Mindfuck, they aren’t really memorable… ok this really isn’t the sort of music that facilitates a catchy chorus, but it’s the only part of their sound that I personally think needs a bit of work on.

Overall though, this is a great slab of intense music.

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