Aksaya – Kepler


Aksaya – Kepler (Satanath Records)

Whether it’s writing a review or just in normal life, I’ve always got a bit of a mouth on me… So, I’m never short of a few things to say.

So I when played this for the first time and my jaw actually dropped and it’s one of those “wow” kind of moments and then I have nothing to say on the subject… I’m just sitting there with my own vacant (and often stupid) thoughts…

“This is space age Black Metal. Instead of going to hell, Satan flies around in his spaceship and by the sounds of it, he still hates everyone, so that’s ok.”

Or more sensibly my thought process realigns to “I’m not sure if it’s so good because this is a just a little bit different, mixing Black Metal and Death Metal with a bit of a futuristic space age feel… or if it’s just because Aksay have executed it so well.”

It’s probably a bit of both, with me leaning a little towards the latter.

Simply put, this album just sounds amazing. The band have a lady drummer and she bashes straight through the mix and it’s her skin beating that drives this forward, be it in Death or Black Metal mode, as the band flit between the two styles with ease.

And when you hear as much new music as I do, it’s not always easy to get excited about some new releases, but this really is a superb release.

If you have the time, make a bit of space in your life for this album…


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