Starbynary – Divina Commedia Inferno


Starbynary – Divina Commedia Inferno (Revalve Records)

Any album that’s proceeded with the words Progressive and Power Metal, automatically makes me tread carefully. When it comes to Prog Power, it’s usually a love or a hate scenario for me.

In this case, although I wouldn’t say that I love this album, it’s still a very good offering.

The dominant Progressive side reminds me of the Mac era of Threshold (I only really know this era after seeing them at a Festival and the better half subsequently buying some of their back catalogue and playing them to death) and the lesser used Power side, it actually reminds me of Rainbow. Mainly as Ritchie Blackmore got more commercial, but there’s also a (small) Middle Eastern flavour on the opening number, The Dark Forest, which I first heard on Gates of Babylon, back in the Dio days.

So I probably like the album as it’s got a familiar feel to it… which is always handy when it’s not your normal listening pleasure.

Another plus point is that the album is low on the cheese count… I cannot cope with cheesy crap these days. Instead, there’s female operatic vocals, a general symphonic edge, as well as a lead male vocalist with a really good voice (that isn’t particularly high pitched)… although it’s bugging the hell out of me who he reminds me of…. it’s possibly Geoff Tate, but not quite like him and bit more powerful… who knows?

So, if you like the bands I’ve mentioned and have a penchant for Progressive Metal with a Symphonic / Theatrical edge, these guys are worth checking out…

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