Metal Legions Episode 92

Metal Legions Episode 92
Weekly podcast dedicated to underground and extreme metal

Oracle – There Will Be Blood
Hate Unbound – Grey Skies
Hexhammer – Stampede
Shadowflag – Mourn Defeat
Battalions – Hoods Up Knives Out
Asomvel – Shoot Ya Down
Wretch – Running Out of Days
Ende – Das Hexenhaus
Friendship – Jerusalem
Friendship – Law
Worthless Life – Pathetic Suicide
Distressful Project – At Eternity’s Gate
Ominous Eclipse – The Horde
Ephemerald – I Bear Fire
Ice Howl – Crack The Earth
Inverted Mind – Subconscious
Grim Ravine – Hypernova
Nuclear Holocaust – Nailed to the Nuclear Cross
Demise – Scripted
Old White Tree – The Ivory Tower
Choroba – Alienated
NONE – Wither

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