Endless Curse – Slave Breeding Industry


Endless Curse – Slave Breeding Industry (Self Release)

I spend almost all of my music listening time buried deep in the underground. I’ve just started writing for Antichrist Webzine, which deals with more well known bands, but 90%+ of my time is still spent trying to unearth gems like this.

From a small village in the very South of Germany, I’d like to to introduce to you Endless Curse. Three guys that create a face melting noise that is a joy to behold.

Quite simply, this is an unrelenting Death Metal album which flirts with Thrash, but ultimately, it’s just about pulverizing you into submission. And yeah, I know I bitch about Death Metal not being my thing way too often, but this is such a beast of an album, even my delicate little ears are converted to the cause.

The album is brutal, but still catchy, which is where I think the Thrash influences seep in. I latched onto the melody of the thing straight away, which is probably why I like the album so much… Ironically, I’m not much of a noise merchant, despite my brutal demeanour, (In real life I’m a cat loving softie, but my hairy appearance can be misconstrued), so for me, Endless Curse have got the balance between aggression and accessibility absolutely spot on.

Where they go from here really depends on who gets to hear the album. I’m not an expert on the genre, but I’ve not heard many better in a very long time. And if they can produce this sound live, then I’m sure they’ll get snapped up by a bigger label eventually.

This is a very impressive debut and well worth checking out.


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