Solitary: Album of the Week


Solitary – The Diseased Heart Of Society (UKEM)

Machine Head, Burn My Eyes. Released on June 1st 1994

Solitary, Founded on June 4th, 1994

These events happened 3 days apart, almost 23 years ago. Is this a coincidence? You tell me….

When I review an album I very rarely read any other review as I don’t want to be influenced by someone else’s opinion, but this week, my Facebook feed has been full of words of praise for this new opus… and it’s kind of weird as I seem to have a completely different opinion than most other writers.

First off, this album has been getting some amazing words of adulation and at first I just didn’t understand why everyone was raving about it so much… but little by little the album has really grown on me, but it’s taken 5 or 6 plays to get to this level of appreciation. And now, yeah, it’s a fucking good album… but I think mentioning it in the same sentence as reign in Blood is taking it way too far.

I also saw that someone wrote that Anthem of Regret was the worst moment on the album… and that’s my favourite song. As I said, my opinion is very different from everyone else’s.

Which takes me back to my opening paragraph. Forget the comparisons with Slayer, Megadeth and Metallica (ok, I’ll give you the latter for Architects of Shame and intro to the title track is very Slayer-esque), to me, this sits comfortably with Machine Head, circa Burn My Eyes.

Richard Sherrington has a similar timbre to Robb Flynn and bar a classic line or two, a la “let freedom ring with a shotgun blast”, the quality levels are on a similar standing. It’s melodic mid-paced Thrash, but with a more UK orientated slant, as you’d expect.

And it’s nice to be able to say that this is a British album, as we are way behind a lot of countries in terms of bands to be proud of.

Look, it’s a shame it’s taken the band almost 23 years to record a true classic… but at least they’ve done it. And not many bands can make the same kind of statement these days.

This is out March 3rd, and is well worth spending your beer money on

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