Killsorrow – Little Something For You To Choke

Little something for you to choke cover

Killsorrow – Little Something For You To Choke (Art of the Nights Productions)

Poland’s Killsorrow formed in 2008 and this album came out at the end of last year. So you’d think that after 8 years they’d know which genre of music they were going to create.

This is the kind of album that does my head in. It starts really strongly with a couple of Melodic Death tracks. The guitar leads are very tasteful, almost Classical in tone and I begin to settle in for a pleasant listen.

Unfortunately, track 3, Farmers Hands, drifts off into Metalcore territory and the modern sheen of the song does absolutely nothing for me. So now my guard is up and I’m dreading what comes next.

To be fair, what follows isn’t as bad as it could have been. But the amount of genre hopping the band do does leave the album lacking any real identity.

Revolution is a big ballad type affair, complete with female vocals. it’s brilliantly executed, as the album is throughout, but you have to have a stupidly wide range of tastes to enjoy every song. And I don’t want to hear an album that is constantly hopping from one bandwagon to the next, just to see what works.

The title track veers towards early Bodom meets Groove Metal, Fallings heads into muscle territory, similar to Pantera or Machine Head etc… and then Buried Hope sounds like a Lacuna Coil tribute band covering a Thrash song. What the fuck is that all about?

The band have basically do everything right, bar the song writing. They are obviously talented musicians, the production is spot on, as is the artwork. But they really need to reign in the various influences that make up their sound as cramming about 6 or more different genres into a single album won’t do them any favours.

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