Nemus – Wald – Mensch

Wald - Mensch cover (small)


Nemus – Wald – Mensch (Self Release)

My knowledge of Nemus is practically non-existent. All I can tell you is that it’s a one man band from Germany, and that Wald – Mensch is the debut release for the project.

And sometimes a blank canvas can be a good thing as most reviews just regurgitate various bits from the biographies. I just got some links… so I guess I’ve done that with this review as well as the links are at the bottom of the review.

Anyway, the intro was full of bird tweets and running water, so I was expecting some sort of mellow trip. But the German language isn’t the sexiest around (sorry German speakers) so whilst the first song proper, Nimm Mich Zu Dir (which I think is “take me with you”, in English) sort of falls into some Post Black Metal, but not quite Shoegaze, remit, the vocals dampen the mood as the tone is quite harsh… and it has to be said, quite impassioned as well.

And even when the music gets more aggressive, the vocals don’t really follow the same path and the album never really boils over into full-on Black Metal. Which makes a pleasant change for my battle weary eardrums.

I have to say, the more I play this album, the more I’m impressed with it. Tracks like Lass Mich Wachsen have the balance between atmospheric and miserable absolutely spot on, because let’s be honest, you don’t create happy Post Black Metal. It has to be a sombre journey for it to work.

Because of the quite frequent use of acoustic guitars, I’d say this will probably appeal to fans of Italian maestro Chiral, although it is a bit more melancholic than everyone’s favourite Italian one man band.

And as with Chiral, there’s obviously been a lot of thought put into the arrangements as the album flows beautifully. The small samples of nature at work also enhance the sound.

I think I’m beginning to rave about this album, so before I go into gushing overload, I’ll leave it there and recommend that you check out Nemus asap

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