Five For Friday: Singles and EPs


This is a new feature and it’ll change format every week. This week, it’s a round-up of some singles and EP’s

Petrification – Summon Horrendous Destruction (Sentient Ruin)

Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Petrification have just unleashed their debut EP, and it’s a major nod to bands on this side of the pond, mainly from Sweden and Finland, rather than from their native US.

It’s a slab of rumbling Old School Death Metal, which switches between a pummelling and a much slower Doomy style. And full marks to the band as they’ve really captured that 1990s underground flavour that takes me back to the old demo days, when I first started getting involved in the music scene…. When my beard was red and not the glorious grey it is now.

This is out on tape, with a vinyl release to follow and these guys are ones to watch as this is a stupidly strong opening salvo


Grave Plague – The Infected Crypts (Give Praise Records / Redefining Darkness)

And talking of going back in time… this is a monumental single from Grave Plague, who feature ex-members of Abigail Williams and Severed Remain.

If you worship Old School Death Metal, then this will blow your fucking socks off… and it’s out today on green vinyl. It was previously out on cassette, so I’d advise trying to get one of the 50 copies that were available in January

In 22+ years of my involvement in the underground scene, this is one of the strongest debuts I’ve ever heard.


Hollow Leg – Murder EP (Argonauta Records)

Taking a more laidback approach are Hollow Leg on their Sabbath inspired 2 tracker. It has a big bass sound, big grooves and a chilled out vibe, so call it what you want, Stoner/Doom/Sludge. It’s just a really cool single.

I love both tracks, but the title track just edges it as it forces me to headbang in my chair every time I hear it. Imagine the best upbeat moments of Cathedral, but whilst they are having a spliff or two….

Good shit man.


Mindful Of Pripyat / Stench Of Profit – New Doomsday Orchestration(Everlasting Spew Records)

If you like your music in small doses, this ep has 27 hate filled tracks crammed into the 22 minute running time.

The epic side of the ep comes from Mindful Of Pripyat who manage to break the one minute barrier quite a few times, whilst their fellow Italians, Stench of Profit keep in teenage boy territory and they usually stay around to the 30 to 40 second mark before fading away.

Considering that this is essentially a full on Grind blastfest, it’s actually powerful and very well put together. Both bands share the same drummer, so the sound is nailed down to perfection.

The only real difference is that Mindful Of Pripyat have Death Metal edge and Stench of Profit have a Crusty Punk feel.

If this sort of release is your thing, you won’t find many around as good as this one.


Drude – Drude (Self-Released)

This 5 tracker actually has a running time of 37 minutes, but as it’s being called an EP, it‘ll finish off todays’ feature.

And what a way to end as it’s a bit of jaw dropper… one minute it calms you with gentle acoustics or some intricate Proggy droning, and the next, it’s beating the shit out of you. It’s like Doom on steroids with a thousand rockets up its ass, but with a nice side.

This is way off of my normal listening, so I hope I’m making sense. It’ll be a first if I am. The only thing that comes close to something in my vast collection are the wild, roaming guitar parts, which aren’t a million miles away from some of Neil Young’s extended solo’s.

You won’t get an immediate fix from this EP, but it’s very rewarding when you give it ample time to seep in.

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