Carnal Decay – You Owe You Pay

Carnal Decay album art

Carnal Decay – You Owe You Pay (Rising Nemesis Records)

There are too many bands these days that never pay their dues. Mainly by hitting the road and learning their craft, the old way. And this is probably why we have so many shitty bands floating around the internet.

The earlier version of Swiss slamming Deathsters Carnal Decay didn’t really do it for me, but they’ve gotten better and better over the years and now, they’ve finally hit their stride. And I’ve no doubt that’s down to their endless hours spent on the road.

To these untrained ears their Death Metal sound is infused with both Hardcore influences, as well as an occasional vocal style that reminds me of Jak Tell of Clawfinger. It’s gutteral most of the time, but when Carnal Decay frontman Michael Kern decides it’s time for a change, then that’s who I’m reminded of. (And if another band member is doing this style, then I’m gonna to look even more stupid than normal)

But whoever is changing the vocals up, it makes this a very interesting listen. 30 or 40 minutes of the same style would bore me rigid, but Carnal Decay really keep it varied, from the first note to the last. And it’s not very often that a band as intense as this grabs my undivided attention.

Quite honestly, the 2017 version of Carnal Decay is set to kill. Their slamming take on Death Metal even makes this non believer bow down in adulation. So play the track below and check the album out. And no need to thank me, it’s all part of the service.

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