Grima – Tales of the Enchanted Woods


Grima – Tales of the Enchanted Woods (Naturmacht Productions)

15 or so months on from their nature worshipping debut, Devotion To Lord, Siberian duo Grima return with another album dedicated to their surroundings. And I guess there are so many trees in Siberia that they’ll always have a huge source of inspiration from which to draw upon.

But this duo have captured the feel of their surroundings and have done an admiral job of conveying that into musical form, which is is basically Black Metal with a Pagan Metal heart, shrouded in blissful atmospherics. The contrast between the harsh and the smooth is beautifully constructed, as is everything on this album.

The super blissful Wolfberry sits comfortably alongside the Blackened Pagan feel of Never Get Off The Trail and that’s what I want from an album. I don’t just want a collection of 10 songs that flit from style to style. I want a natural progression with styles that compliment each other, and that’s exactly what I get here.

I thought their 2015 debut was strong, but this really is on another level. Sound wise, the atmospheric interludes, the added extras of female vocals, possibly some form of accordion (although I could be completely wrong on that one), everything is just about perfect and I don’t get to be this blown away by this kind of album enough these days.

Grima are developing into a real class act and in a time where the listener is spoilt for choice over what to listen to, and hopefully purchase, this album should be near the top of your shopping list.

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