Metal Legions 96


Metal Legions Episode 96 Black Friday

Marduk – Fistfucking Gods Planet
Havukruunu – Vainovalkeat
Ulvegr – Throne Among The Void
Desaster – A Touch Of Medieval Darkness
Dimmu Borgir – Tormentor Of Christian Souls
Funeral Baptism – The Pact
The Projectionist – Suckling a Most Hateful Claustrum
Satyricon – Mother North
The Meads of Asphodel – If God Could Talk, What Would He Say
Wolvencrown – Seeds of Vengeance
Chiral – Beneath The Snow and The Fallen Leaves
Legacy of Emptiness – Into The Eternal Pits Of Nothingness
Impaled Nazarene – False Jehova
Impaled Nazarene – Nothing Sacred
Forgotten Woods –  Eclipsed
Burzum – Dunkelheit
Barzakh – Shadow In The  Grief
Ultra Silvam – Crooked Horned Prophet
In The Woods – Wotan’s Return
Monty Python’s Life of Brian – Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

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