Metal Advent 2016


Ok, here we go with 25 free releases in 25 days. But please remember, most bands only have 200 free downloads a month… so they may run out of free downloads at any time. But I suppose you could always pay for your music… I know, I’m funny

December 25th
Happy Metal Annihilation Vol. 6

December 24th
Beastiality Boys (BxBx) – Cucked For Christmas

December 23rd
Folk Metal Grove Volume 1

Day 20 – Psython
Day 21 – The Northern Conspiracy – Volume 2
Day 22 – Anal Trump

December 19th
Spacegoat – Superstition

December 18th
Praecantator – Praecantator

December 17th
Morbid Panzer – Only The Total Death

December 16th
Carnivorous Forest – White Wolves

December 15th
Wolvenguard – Elemental Reclamation Promo 2016

December 14th
Ice Howl – Crack The Earth

December 13th
Slugpie – Demo 2016

December 12th
Deadwood Lake – Remembrance

December 11th
Slaves of the Prison – Research of Volunteer(Demo)

December 10th
Brache – Brache

December 9th
Aureole – Aurora Borealis

December 8th
Meth Leppard split

December 7th
Raised By Owls – The Great British Grind Off

December 6th
Funs Not Intentional – YR#002

December 5th
Wretch – Wretch

December 4th
Deep Underground: Finland

December 3rd
Thrash Metal Narcoleptica, vol.3

December 2nd
The Extinct Dreams – Fragments of Eternity

December 1st
III – Lands & Lines